Entertainment Based, Community Focused Gaming Ecosystem, Impressive Market System and Fluent Gaming Experience: The Crypto Gaming Universe of Digard
Digard, in short, is an entire Crypto Gaming Universe that is designed to take all the best parts of the blockchain and incorporate them into an enhanced gaming experience. The Digard Gaming Universe is one that creates everything in-house, giving a complete and comprehensive model for all players to enjoy games as they would with non-blockchain games. As the project progress, more games will be available on Digard that are made by extremal developers or projects.
Digard Ecosystem consists of
  • Digard Game Market (DGM), where gamers and games meet,
  • DGM NFT Market, where gamers can buy and sell NFTs that they drop in-games
  • Digard Subnet, for fluent gaming experience and affordable transaction fees.
  • Digard Game Studio, where fun & gameplay-focused games are developed by Digard.
Last modified 10mo ago