What Makes Digard Unique

What Makes Digard Unique in the Crypto Ecosystem?
Gaming industry is a huge global sector of entertainment, reaching up to over $180 billion in 2021 and expected to grow more. Out of this total, pc gaming industry is worth over $36 billion and mobile gaming industry over $93 billion. Meaning there is a huge market potentially to be integrated into crypto ecosystem. This is what makes Digard unique, to be able to integrate billions dollar worth market into the crypto ecosystem.
Over the past few decades, gaming has become more than just an activity and a part of global culture for almost all generations and these large figures prove that. So treating games like mere tools of profit is not the best approach.
New projects and games which are increasing exponentially within the crypto ecosystem have already lost their charms. Those who are familiar with the crypto market are now overwhelmed with the new projects and platforms every day. Wherever you turn your head, it's very likely that you'll come across Tweets where a lot of emojis are lined up in rows, and big promises are made.
Digard provides different opportunities for Games and Gamers both to move to the Avalanche Ecosystem and to Digard itself.
  • Onboarding non-crypto gamers into the AVAX Ecosystem by introducing them to the Play and Earn model. In Traditional Gaming Industry, gamers are not able to turn their in-game assets into real-life assets. Digard Game Market (DGM) solves this with tokenization and NFTs.
  • Attracting Crypto Gamers with fun and game-play-focused games. In Crypto Gaming Industry, gamers are not able to enjoy the games due to lack of fun and challenge. Digard Game Studio develops AAA games to overcome this problem.
  • Onboarding non-crypto Video Games into the AVAX Ecosystem with SDK & BDK. With the growth of the Crypto Gaming Industry, traditional games want to move to the blockchain, but it is difficult for small-scale institutions to integrate into the blockchain due to both the lack of information and the small size of the teams. Digard solves this problem with Game Market, offering API, SDK, and BDK support to traditional games.
  • Most Game-fi Projects suffer from high transaction fees and slow transaction speed. And most of the projects struggle to create a strong community that embrace their projects. Digard Game Market provides a strong community and helps Game-fi Projects with its Social Reward System to grow their communities.