Game Economy

Token Utilities
Eldarune’s token is named ELDA and it has many different use cases. ELDA will drop from quests, objectives and challenges. Completing quests, defeating a boss in Clan Boss mode, winning a PvP arena fight, special events and much more.
With the ELDA tokens dropped, players can utilize them in various ways:
  • To purchase arena tickets for participating in PvP battles.
To be able to use the autoplay function for idle grinding in dungeons.
  • To create clans which is very important and also essential for Clan Boss mode.
  • To buy chests. There are different types of chests that yield different kinds of NFTs. Skill Book chests that provide players tomes for them to increase their stats or learn new skills.
Item chests that contain a random gear for players to
equip. Champion chests that will drop a champion to be
used in PvP, Dungeon or Clan Boss mode.
  • To buy NFTs. There are dragon and battleship NFTs with limited supply. These are very potent tools for battle. Dragon and ship NFTs will be mandatory to be able to participate in aerial fights or naval fights in PvP mode.