Digard Whitepaper

Digard Subnet

Fast & Fluent Gaming Experience
Lower Gas Fees
Incentive Program for Non-Crypto & Crypto Games
Become a Validator of Digard Subnet via fractionized hash NFTs
Why Avalanche?
Digard will use Avalanche Defi solutions and benefit from advantages in transaction cost efficiency and speed, which are vital for the development of a blockchain gaming platform.
Besides its technical benefits, Avalanche uses a PoS (proof of stake) algorithm to confirm blocks, which is a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution than the high power-consuming PoW (proof of work) algorithm.
Power of Subnets
”A subnet, or subnetwork, is a dynamic set of validators working together to achieve consensus on the state of a set of blockchains. Each blockchain is validated by exactly one subnet. A subnet can validate many blockchains. A node may be a member of many subnets.” Details:
Documentation and Tutorials for Avalanche
Avalanche subnet technology allows those who want to enter the ecosystem and create their own L1 blockchain. These blockchains can also operate as L2. Avalanche's base layer includes X-Chain (Exchange Chain), P-Chain (Platform Chain), and C-Chain (Contract Chain). Using this technology, Digard can run and manage its own proprietary blockchain. Subnets allow scaling in more than one way, allowing potentially opposing ideas to exist. New blockchain games, which appear almost every day, bring with it challenges. The increasing number of users can cause problems with network activity. Having games and blockchain systems on the same network can change the scale of problems. Avalanche subnets have solutions for such problems.
The games from Digard will be distributed from its unique subnet, and the capacity will be entirely Digard's. There will be no competition for network resources with other platforms, protocols, or competitors in the future. Thus, game developers will be guaranteed the continuous growth of their games.