Past achivements, future plans.


2022 Completed Milestones:

  • Platform and Integration Developments:

    • Launched PC Game Market Versions 1 and 2.

    • Released Versions 1 and 2 of SDK/BDK.

    • Developed and integrated Avalanche Fuji, along with subsequent Avalanche Subnet Development.

    • Rolled out Digard Alpha Testnet Versions 1 and 2.

    • Integrated Avalanche Core Wallet and Polygon Mumbai.

  • NFT and Token Launches:

    • Launched NFT Launchpads on Avalanche and Polygon.

    • Conducted NFT Mint Events on both Avalanche and Polygon.

    • Initiated Avalanche Token Launch with $ELDA Sale.

2023 Completed Milestones:

  • Expansion and Enhancements:

    • Expanded to include Ethereum NFT Launchpad and Mint Event.

    • Enhanced the dApp to Version 3, focusing on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) improvements.

    • Developed NFT Upgrade Contract and NFT Staking System.

  • dApp Developments:

    • Continued enhancement of Gamer Profile / Gamer ID systems.

    • Launched Game & Gamer Inventory, Workshop for Mass NFT Upgrade.

    • Updated Blockchain Library, launched B2C NFT Store, NFT, and Token Launchpads on dApp.

  • Community and Ecosystem Building:

    • Deployed 25 different NFT contracts for EVM-Chains.

    • Secured equity investment during the Seed Funding Round.

Future Plans

2024 Outlook:

H1 Objectives:

  • Branding: Focus on enhancing the brand image and positioning of Digard within the market.

  • Multichain Beta on Mainnet: Launch a beta version of the platform supporting multiple blockchains to test and refine cross-chain functionalities.

  • Community Building: Strengthen and expand the community of gamers and developers, fostering a supportive and engaged ecosystem.

H2 Objectives:

  • Token Launch: Officially launch the DIGA token, establishing it as the central element within the Digard ecosystem for transactions and incentives.

  • Full Product Launch: Transition from beta to full product launch, making all functionalities available to the broader public and ensuring system robustness and user satisfaction.

This roadmap reflects Digard's strategic vision and operational achievements, showcasing a clear trajectory from foundational developments to future expansions that aim to solidify its position as a leader in the Web3 gaming infrastructure space.

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