Token Name: DIGA

Token Utilities

DIGA is a multi-chain token designed to be the backbone of the Digard platform, facilitating various transactions and activities within its ecosystem. Below are its core utilities:

  1. Payment Currency / Medium of Value Exchange:

    • DIGA acts as the primary medium for value exchange within the Digard ecosystem, used for purchasing, trading, and transacting across various services and platforms integrated into Digard.

  2. Token Launchpad Token with Tier Mechanism:

    • DIGA holders can participate in token launch events on Digard's token launchpad. The tier mechanism ensures that holders of different token amounts access varying levels of benefits and early participation privileges in new game token launches.

  3. NFT Launchpad Token with Tier Mechanism:

    • Similar to the token launchpad, DIGA facilitates participation in NFT launches. Holders can use DIGA to buy into early releases of game-related NFTs, with tiered access based on the amount of DIGA held, enhancing user engagement and investment opportunities.

  4. NFT Marketplace Exchange Currency:

    • DIGA serves as the currency in the NFT marketplace, allowing users to buy, sell, or trade NFTs seamlessly. This utility solidifies DIGA’s role in asset liquidity and market dynamics within the ecosystem.

  5. Service Fees for Growth:

    • DIGA is used to pay for various services within the Digard ecosystem, including transaction fees, game development tools, and other platform services. These fees contribute to the platform's sustainability and continuous development.

  6. Nodes:

    • DIGA can be staked in network nodes, supporting the platform's underlying blockchain infrastructure. Stakers can earn rewards, contributing to the security and efficiency of the network.

Token Distribution

To ensure a broad and equitable distribution, DIGA tokens are allocated across different segments:

  • Development and Sustainability: A portion is reserved for ongoing development, research, and maintenance of the Digard platform.

  • Community and Ecosystem Incentives: Tokens are allocated for rewards, staking incentives, and promotional activities to drive community engagement and platform growth.

  • Founders and Team: A fair share is designated for the team and advisors, subject to vesting periods to align with the long-term success of the project.

  • Public Sale: Tokens are offered to the public to foster widespread distribution and participation in the ecosystem.

Roadmap for Token Integration

The integration of DIGA into the Digard platform is planned in phases:

  • Initial Launch and Integration: Introduction of DIGA as the medium of exchange in the NFT marketplace and for initial game transactions.

  • Expansion of Services: Gradual incorporation of DIGA into new areas such as additional game economies, decentralized finance (DeFi) integrations, and cross-chain operations.

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