Digard Ecosystem

Digard is a Game-Fi platform that consists of a Game Market App, Subnet, In-app NFT Marketplace, and Game Development Studio.
  • Game Market App | A desktop app where crypto-gamers and crypto-games meet.
  • Subnet | A subnet for fluent gaming experience and affordable transaction fees.
  • In-app NFT Market | A market where gamers can trade the NFTs they drop-in games.
  • Game Studio | A game development studio where fun and gameplay-focused games are developed.
In the Digard Game Market App, games developed by Digard as well as games of other game companies will take place.
Digard is a GameFi platform that rewards success and commitment, pays as you have fun, and cares about its family-like community. Digard Ecosystem was created for a fully sustainable Game-fi environment.
The games developed by Digard are the cornerstone of the sustainable Digard Ecosystem. Partnering with other Video Game projects and Game-fi Projects will enhance the sustainability, Digard Subnet will provide a unique, fluent gaming experience and affordable transaction fees for gamers.
Digard Game Market(DGM) will become even more powerful as the number of game-fi projects on the DGM increases.