Digard Whitepaper

In-DGM NFT Market

In-DGM NFT Market provides a smooth gaming experience for gamers
Gamers can easily buy NFTs to strengthen their characters and continue to the game
Gamers can easily sell the NFTs that they drop-in games.
Digard NFT marketplace is a decentralized exchange where users can buy and sell all of their NFT collections with low commissions.
Many innovative features will be waiting for you, such as the bridge feature to transfer your NFTs assets with different chain networks, and auction-style sales to increase competition and higher profits. Digard Platform will provide advantages to all gamers and game creators participating in the Digard ecosystem by utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs.
Blockchain and NFT integration of games have the following advantage
NFT Types
  • Interoperable NFTs
  • Mergeable & Upgradeable
  • Rentable
Permanent Digital Ownership
Users will have permanent digital ownership of the game NFTs they hold. All NFTs held on the blockchain can be tokenized to be used in any other game within the Digard ecosystem or to be exchanged with any other virtual assets.
Value Preservation
Before the blockchain transition of the games, the value of game items and assets is limited within the games they belong to. In the Digard ecosystem, NFT items acquired within a game can be traded through the Marketplace and beyond that, can be converted to utilize in any other game within the ecosystem. When a game is removed from a platform, the value of virtual assets a user holds within the removed game turns out to be useless; but within the Digard ecosystem, even if a game is not listed anymore, the assets the gamer holds can be used in other games by converting to another NFT with a same item score within the ecosystem or can be exchanged for other assets through the marketplace.
NFTs within the Digard ecosystem will be tokenized or traded easily. The Digard platform will use a Marketplace managed with blockchain technology and will provide the most transparent and safest transactions by using a distributed network.