Eldarune - Gameplay

In Eldarune there are 4 different game modes:
- Campaign (Single Player)
- Dungeon (Single and Multi Player)
- Clan Boss (Multip Player)
- PVP Arena (Multi Player)
The campaign mode is a Witcher-like single player mode. The main charter's name is Alec.
In Campaign mode, players can play as single player to feel and understand the backstage of the story of Eldarune.
In Dungeon Mode, players can play as single or as a team, when a clan or person finishes a level in dungeon, they can play the same dungeon in harder mode.
For example, you finished Dungeon 1.1 easily, but when you try to play the same Dungeon, the game will be harder, creatures will be more stronger.
Do not forget to strength your characters with more powerful NFT Items or just call a friend to help you to kill the creatures!
Clan Boss
In Clan Boss Mode, players need to play as clan, with 5 player and try to defeat very strong creatures AKA Bosses.
Stronger Enemy = More Rewards!
PVP Arena
PVP Arena Mode is the PVP mode of the Eldarune up to 60 gamers. 1vs1 to 30vs30. Clan Fights, Leagues, Deathmatch, Chaos and MORE!