Eldarune - Introduction

Eldarune is a multiplayer action game in medieval setup. Players can use weapons, skills, dragons, and warships to defeat enemies. Teamplay is the main key to conquering the battlefield. A Clan system will help you to gain friends.
Champions will gain some bonuses by winning to defeat the further challenges.
Rich Gameplay Mechanics: The player can use swords to cut enemies in half, crossbows to pin enemies down, call a dragon to burn them all. Moreover, players can sail to wreck enemy ships using powerful arbalests installed to the deck, control a dragon to destroy a huge fleet or hunt down other dragons on air.
Champions will gain attack and defence bonuses with different challenges. Each champion has different advantages, you can unlock your champions by playing the game. Pick the right champion to help your team.
Picking the right weapon to the right champions at the right time is essential , your champion will start with a favored weapon, but it doesn't stop you to pick a different one on the battlefield.
Here comes the Clans
Clans are not just for finding a friend to play together. Clan is your flag! Keep it high and gain some extra skills and bonuses as your clans gain level.
Season System
Our game is not just some code compiled with some visual elements, it is YOU! the players, Clans... and it will develop with your feedbacks in our Discord channel. We will shape it further with your taste of skins, champions, gameplay and challenges around a medieval setting. Each Season will have it's own Leaderboards with different prizes.