Business Model


Direct Revenue
  • NFT Item Sales
  • Champion Sales
  • Alec and Rare Character Sales
  • In-Game Sales/Upgrades
  • ELDA Token Sales
Indirect Revenue
  • Commissions from NFT Sales or Rents through Marketplace
  • Item Upgrade Costs
  • Secondary Marketplace Commissions


Eldarune is currently running its testnet stage. We already have more than 5,000 applications that are going to participate in the game in phases.
  • The aim is to have 2,000 testnet users. Received feedback will be used for further development of the game. Reached 3800 Testnet Users
  • After the full release, we expect 10,000 unique players during the first 6 months. With the ongoing airdrops, most of the users are expected to be active players of the game long term.
  • We are targeting not only GameFi native players but also non-Blockchain players as well.
  • Targeting to have all contracts, and partnerships signed up and finalized (including on-ramp, mobile gaming, technical partners, exchanges, and launchpads) before August.
  • Targeting to start the game with roughly 10,000 users on the desktop game and expanding further on mobile app through Apple Store and Google Play.
  • The Eldarune Marketing campaign will start during the launch phase of the game, utilising KOLs, educators, famous Game reviewers and streamers.
  • We are targeting approx $300 Million revenue through credit card payments from mobile gaming per annum, which will be automatically converted into the background by our on-ramp partners into the ELDA tokens.
  • With our incredibly talented team of 32 developers we are targeting continuous development of the game. Once launched we are going to be continuously push different seasons for the campaign modes as well as competitions, quests and NFT drops. We are actively listening to the feedback of players and delivering on it. Our aim is to harness and maintain every single existing Eldarune player but at the same time be nimble and adjust accordingly for the demand of users, our growth and substantially deliver using the $300M annual revenue from mobile gaming purchases.