-Foundation -Blockchain Integration -Campaign Beta -Dungeon Alpha -Clan Boss Alpha -PvP Arena Alpha -Campaign Mode Public Testnet -Dungeon Mode Public Testnet -Campaign Mode Closed Testnet -Dungeon Mode Closed Testnet -Game Soundtrack Creation -Token metrics -Game Economy
Q1 2023
-Rebranding -New Website -New Game Version Update / New Testnet -Utility NFT Sale (Limited Supply) -Seedify Tournament -Pre-Sale Opportunity for Community Members -Original Soundtrack Album Release -Contests (Design, Meme, Artwork, Content) -Clan Boss Mode Testnet -PvP Mode Testnet Q2 2023
-Mobile Version Testnet -Game Launch -Season 2 Mainnet -Season 3 Mainnet -New In-game Asset -Design/Development -New Champion Design -Animation Developments -IGO / Launch -INO
*The Roadmap will be updated at the end of every month
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