DIGA Labs is a leading company that provides blockchain gaming projects and technologies. DIGA Labs has two main groundbreaking projects:

Digard specializes in providing cutting-edge blockchain solutions for the gaming world. Digard is

  • A Steam-like gaming platform

  • A Launchpad

  • An NFT Launchpad for new gaming projects,

  • providing NFT Staking for earning rewards,

  • a decentralized Marketplace to trade unique assets,

  • an intuitive Store for easy access to in-game items.

Digard is the driving force behind the seamless integration of blockchain technology within the gaming industry, providing developers and gamers alike with powerful tools to create, trade, and explore innovative gaming experiences.

Eldarune, Digard’s first launched project “Game Studio”. Eldarune pioneers the creation of fun games within its gaming ecosystem, enhancing the player experience and fostering a vibrant gaming community. With Digard’s blockchain solutions, Eldarune “Game Studio” aimed to be a leading force in the blockchain gaming industry, creating interoperable assets, and leveraging blockchain technology to create immersive gaming experiences, fair economies, and player-centric ecosystems.

Eldarune: World of Elymnias is an AI-Powered medieval RPG based on a storyline with 4K graphics, PvP, and PVE modes.

While playing Eldarune: WoE you will travel 21 islands, fight in the hundreds of dungeons, and defeat the strongest monsters in the Elymnias world with your clan or alone.

Heroes of Eldarune is a simple PvP Card Game that you can play with Eldarune NFTs.

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