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The prominent issue with traditional gaming is that all in-game assets are either stored in a centralized server where owner of the game has complete control over them, or stored in the physical device where the game is being run. Either way, these assets/items might prove valuable as long as the players are engaged with the game.
The reward they get is the feeling of contentment and satisfaction, but once they feel complete and stop playing the game, all those assets and hours invested will be worth nothing.
This is where Eldarune offers two critical values to players. A fun game to play and NFT based assets.
In Eldarune, all the game assets, weapons, armors, characters, and champions are NFTs. All items and assets like gears, skill books or champions in Eldarune are NFTs.
Players are free to buy NFTs to have a better experience, or just be satisfied with what they farm.
Either way, they are free to re-sell them either for a profit or when they decide to leave the game altogether.
As mentioned previously, all items in Eldarune are NFTs. Selling NFTs is already a widely known trend. However, Eldarune adds a few more mechanics to this system. For NFT owners; players can upgrade their NFTs to a higher level with better stats for leverage in battle. Or they can rent their NFTs to other players for a limited time in return for a profit.
Other players can rent NFTs for their use when they need some power-up for a limited time in a Dungeon or PvP arena. Especially useful for dragon and ship NFTs since they are very difficult to acquire. This upgrade and rent system is sure to make players more engaging by providing them necessary tools for battle while keeping the in game economy more dynamic.
The cornerstone of Eldarune’s scalability is based on the season system. Eldarune is set to have 21 seasons pre-determined. Each season will be unlocked with a new island that players can explore with new enemies and new gears available. This aims to solve the issue of a sustainable and dynamic game economy.
Without adding new objectives and assets, players tend to leave the project way too soon when there is not much left to do. Foundation of blockchain games is essentially based on community.
A large and dedicated player community will provide long term sustainability for Eldarune. With mechanics like; season system, NFT upgrades, rentable NFTs and different game modes - Campaign, Dungeon, Clan Boss and PvP Arena- a fail-proof system is set.