Game Modes

Players advance Eldarune through story mode, navigating, lore and experiencing the fundamentals of the game which also enhances other playing modes. Alec is the main character in Campaign Mode and players purchase NFTs relative to Alec on the outset, while using the character to create strong armies as players progress.
Players will learn the basics of the game by playing Eldarune's story mode, and also they will learn the lore and experience the fundamentals of the game. Which we believe necessary to enjoy other modes fully.
The main Character of Campaign Mode is Alec. Players need to purchase Alec NFTs to play the game. In the Campaign Mode, Alec will be creating a strong army to fight against injustice.
Players explore dungeons to farm items as a team (Co- Op) or solo. Farming dungeons help players upgrade their gear as well while completing dungeons can unlock future ones to explore. Dungeons also give better gear as the dungeon level increases.
Players can play dungeons to farm items independently or as a team, such as in a co-op. Farming dungeons will help players to get better gear. After clearing a dungeon, a more difficult one will be unlocked. You can play the same dungeon over and over again or move to a harder one. The harder the dungeon, the better items will drop.
Clan Boss:
Players can fight together as a large team, also known as a Clan and raid bosses within the game. Clans fight against overwhelming odds but are rewarded with special items for their success. Rewards are also given for each member depending on their participation in the battle.
This mode focuses on playing as a clan. Clans need to fight against an overwhelming enemy together. Each clan member will be rewarded with items if they are able to defeat the boss. In addition, every clan member needs to hit a certain amount of damage to get rewards.
PvP Arena:
Players can compete against other players in PvP with different sub-modes. Games are composed of 1v1 duels, 5v5 battles, or 5v5v5 brawls, including death matches. Multiple arenas are also available including land, sea, and aerial battles.
This is where players can fight against each other in many different styles. They can fight 1v1 up to 5v5, 5v5v5, and more. Depending on the number, it can be a small battle or a death match. There are different types of PvP arenas, they are not only limited to man-to-man combat, but players can also ride dragons for aerial battles or sail battleships for naval fights.
Players will have different NFT champions for all these game modes except the campaign. Each champion is specialized in a particular combat type. Some will be using crossbows, some swords and some axes, maces etc. and some magic.
Aerial Battles:
Dragons are ancient creatures of Elymnias.
Many could be seen tearing the skies many years ago but now they are low in numbers. Still, for a champion to ride one, you will need to sacrifice a lot.
Naval Battles:
The vast seas of Elymnias prove useful for sailing, especially for battleships. Battleships are very costly, but essential for naval fights and offer great leverage against your opponents. However, building a ship takes lots of resources and effort. Thus, they are limited in numbers.
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