You will get some free-to-use champions and more champions can either be bought through the marketplace or dropped from dungeons.
Players are offered many different characters to play with. Each character(also referred as champion) has its unique strengths which are required for different situations.
But before you battle don’t forget to choose the right champion, weapons, armor and upgrade your Items and Skills.
Separated from his family as a child, Alec was raised as a Justiciar. A title that holds great power and responsibility. He was trained in many different disciplines including martial arts, swordsmanship, magic, alchemy, politics etc. He even bears the right to judge even the high nobles and kings.
A strong-willed, tough as a tank woman. Working as a blacksmith, she forges the best armor and weapon. Even though she is tough and hard to approach on the surface, a gentle spirit lies deep within. Has no interest in starting a family or having a child, she thrives on challenges.
A very skilled and witty pirate captain. Not necessarily evil but with many misfortune that life has brought upon him, he became somewhat neutral evil. Ranscaking, human-trafficking, naval warfare… he has seen and done things. It’s not widely known that Elora and Captain and siblings.
A man of his desires and hunger for power. Does not innately own magical skills but his hard work put in the alchemy provided him some use of magic. He goes to the extent of practicing dangerous and taboo experiments resulting in his expulsion from his community.
These are the results of a somewhat failed alchemy experience. People who were pirates once, becoming a part of the Alchemist’s experience, turned into abominations.
First character to be introduced on the second island where
Alec continues his journey. Owl Knight is a proud member of the Owl's Order and an ex-skullcrusher. Being a lawful good person he doesn't ignore
even the slightest of malevolence. Because of a conflict between him
and Garcia, Alec confronts Owl Knight in a duel and come out victorious but gives him a chance to join his forces and Owl Knight becomes a part of Alec's team.
Reda; also known as the wyvern tamer, is one of the best wyvern tamers in Elymnias. All he know growing up was the desert that he was born in. Challenging conditions have forced him to be a survivor. Occasional visitors or greenhorn contractors often become their targets of highjacking. The only way they know in order to survive.