Heroes of Eldarune - HoE

Heroes of Eldarune is a simple PvP Card Game that you can play with Eldarune NFTs.
In the beginning, Heroes of Eldarune will be able to playable with its most basic mechanics. Eldarune Community and Eldarune DAO mechanism will determine the game's improvements.
HoE focuses on both skill and luck at the same time to increase the joy of the game.
To play HoE players need to have Alec NFT which is free but players need to hold 750 ELDA Tokens to claim Alec NFT for free.
HoE will be available to play at specific hours of the day.
To Play HoE, players need to own at least 10 Eldarune Champions.
The Goal of HoE
Players need to destroy the dragon egg of the opponent.
Eldarune and HoE NFTs are interoperable and usable in each game.
HoE Game Structure
1- Entrance: Where players see the Main Menu of HoE
2- Deck Build: Where players build their Card Decks to create their strategies
3- PvP Matching: After players build the Deck, they will search for their opponents, and in this section, the system controls the ticket of the player to play HoE.
4- PvP Match: Where players battle each other
5- Win: After one of the players wins the Battle they will have a chance to win Rewards
6- Rewards: Players will be able to win NFTs after the PvP Match, those who enter Leaderboard with the highest rank will have a chance to
7- Leaderboard: There will be daily, weekly, and monthly Leaderboards, and according to the rank of the player in this leaderboard the player's rewards will be varied