Champion NFTs

Champions are Nobel fighters of Elymnias world.

Champion NFTs Champions are Nobel fighters of Elymnias world. With more than 40 different Champion NFTs to choose from, players have a diverse array of characters at their disposal. Each Champion belongs to various classes such as Tank, Ranged, Support, Mage, Rogue, Melee Warrior and more, each with unique abilities, skills and weapons. To succeed in grinding Dungeons, battling on the PvP Arena, merging for Clan Boss wars, players must carefully pick a team of at least four different Champions to fight for glory and victory.

Among the collection, some Champions have exculsivity. These special Champions are real people from our team, fellows, or partners, making them even more dear to us. They're really rare and not easy to get, but their true value grows over time, making them treasures for players who own them.

What sets these Champions apart is the shroud of mystery veiling their unrevealed Stats, Skills, and Classes. Eldarune team encourages players to hold onto these secrets for their own victories or share them with friends on to achieve success as a team. Tip: Our community loves sharing experiences, feedback, and ideas, making our games better for everyone. And Champions' Stats(such as HP, Armor and Damage) can be found in game, social medai, doc etc. So, some of the secrets are revealed already and waiting true players to power up with that knowledge.

These Champions aren't just for one game—they're heroes across all our games. Owning a Champion means you can play them in different games, making your gaming experience richer. Players can meet with some of the Champions while helping Alec as companions to defeat hundreds of monsters in World of Elymnias - Campaign Mode. And learn their stories by interacting with AI-Powered NPCs.

Remember, Legendary Champions are seasonal—newers will come with each season. Once a new season starts, getting these Champions becomes tricky unless the owner decides to sell. So, we wish the luck be with players while cracking Oathstones.

Join us and explore the power of these Champions, discover and reveal their secrets, and share your victories. Let's build a strong community together across all our games!

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