What is Eldarune

Genre: Action RPG
Economy: Play and Earn
Format: Third-Person
Platform: PC / Mobile
Engine: Unity 2021 HDR-pipeline
Rating: 16+
Eldarune is an ARPG medieval, fantasy, action with 4K graphics, clan and season system. The game is based on a very engaging storyline.
While playing Eldarune you will travel 21 islands, fight in the hundreds of dungeons, and defeat the strongest monsters in the Elymnias world with your clan. But don’t forget to join PvP Battles to test your capability against your opponents both alone and with your clan.
Players can use weapons, dragons, and battleships to defeat their opponents.
Eldarune has four different game modes and every game mode offers a different gameplay experience with various game mechanics. To be successful, for every game mode, players and clans need to develop different strategies in battle.
Eldarune is a complete package fun game.
Eldarune Core Features:
-4 different and compelling game modes
-Real P2E Mechanics Competitive Tournaments
-Massive NFT Utility for Characters, Items, and Upgrades
-Fair Play Gaming Experience

Inside the Eldarune game, you can earn in the following ways:

Active Earning
  • PvP Battles
  • Campaign Missions and Quests
  • NFT Ownership and Rental
  • Seasonal Competitions
  • ELDA token drops
  • NFT Rewards
Passive Earning
  • Staking ELDA
  • NFT Lending
  • In-Game Leveling
  • Farming
  • Liquidity Provision
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